Turning your Passion into a Successful Business


Today, you can make money doing anything you’re passionate about - Grandy Van Lo is an awesome example. Grandy has taken his passions (fishing and beer) and created businesses around...

How are Venture Capital Firms Handling COVID-19?


LiveOak Venture Partners Senior Associate, Mason Rathe joins me today to discuss how Venture Capitalist's have weathered the Global Pandemic, his Newsletter, and much more! A massive thank you to...

Vince Warnock on the Reality of Living with Imposter Syndrome


Vince Warnock, host of the Chasing the Insights Podcast joins me today to discuss his two new books, imposter syndrome, and how he is assisting businesses during these harsh times....

Disrupting the Guitar Effects Industry as College Students


Two cofounders of Chaos Audio, Landon McCoy and Armis Sunday, join me today to discuss how they are revolutionizing guitar effects technology through their headlining product the Stratus - An...

Lacy Cain: Empowering People To Find Adventure


Lacy Cain, the CEO and founder of Wildjoy joins me to discuss her inspirational story of transforming her school project into a rapidly scaling business. A massive thank you to...

Bobby Pham: SEO, Paid Advertising, and Digital Marketing


Bobby Pham joins me today to share his insights about SEO, Paid Advertising, Digital Marketing, and so much more! A massive thank you to Bobby for being on the show.

Ian Greenleigh: Marketing B2B Software in 2020


Ian Greenleigh joins me to share his insights about modern-day job seeking, B2B SaaS enterprise marketing, Social Media, and much more! A huge thank you to Ian for being on...

Software Documentation For the Modern World


A huge thank you to my first guest Kevin Dietz the founder of Open Squiggly, it was an honor speaking with you! Enroll in early access for Open Squiggly: https://opensquiggly.com Subscribe...